Eurasian Grassland Conference 2018

The 2018 Eurasian Grassland Conference "Cooperating for Grassland Conservation" (EGC 2018) will take place from 4th to 8th June 2018 in Sulmona, a town in the heart of Italian Apennines. It will be the 15th annual conference of the EDGG, which aims to promote exchange and collaboration between those interested in all aspects of semi-natural and natural grassland research and conservation across Palaearctic biogeographical realm.

The main topic of the conference will be the conservation of grasslands through transdisciplinary and transnational cooperation. The conference wants to put the basis for the establishment of a network of cooperation within the EDGG. Please read the third call or visit conference pages to find more information and use the link at the end to register.

The deadline for registration was extended to 10th May.

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