Field Workshops 2019: Switzerland and Armenia

FW2019 Armenia
FW2019 Switzerland

Syunik region, Zangezur mountian range, Armenia by A.Aleksanyan; Alluvial steppe above the Rhone valley, Switzerland by J.Dengler

Fist call


Alla Aleksanyan, Yerevan, Armenia:
Idoia Biurrun, Bilbao, Spain:
Jürgen Dengler, Wädenswil, Switzerland:


We plan for 2019 two Field Workshops: one in Switzerland and another one is in Armenia. We are looking forward to a good mixture of long-term participants and “newcomers”, of members at different academic levels (from Bachelor students to professors) and from many different coutnries. While vascular plants are the core of the sampling, we are very eager to include also bryophyte and lichen specialists as well as zoologists and/or microbiologists who wish to sample their respective taxonomic groups on the same plots. We hope that all interested EDGG members can participate in at least one of them. Unsuccessful applicants of 2018 will have priority when they apply again.

In the following, you find preliminary announcements of both events that allow you to “block” the respective dates. Full calls will be published in the first issue of Palaearctic Grasslands in 2019. Only after these full calls an official application for participation is possible. In order to plan (e.g. to get an impression on the number of places needed), we recommend, however, that you inform EDGG’s Field Workshop Coordinator of your wish to participate in one or both events. If you have specific questions on one of the two events, you can contact their main organisers. If you have expertise in grassland taxa other than vascular plants (bryophytes, lichens, invertebrates, soil metagenomics,…) and consider joining one of the events, please approach Jürgen and Idoia as early as possible to discuss options.


12th EDGG Field Workshop: Inneralpine dry valleys of Switzerland

Rocky outcrop community, Lower Engadin, Grisons Jürgen Dengler
Arcyptera fusca is a steppic grasshopper species Jürgen Dengler

Rocky outcrop community, Lower Engadin, Grisons by Jürgen Dengler; Arcyptera fusca is a steppic grasshopper by Jürgen Dengler

Approx. dates: 11–19 May 2019
Main organiser: Jürgen Dengler,
Number of participants: up to 9 (or up to 18) persons in total, including 1–4 organisers, i.e. 5–15 other participants
Thematic scope: Dry grasslands (Festuco-Brometea, Koelerio-Corynephoretea/Sedo-Scleranthetea, Trifolio-Geranietea) of continental, inneralpine valleys of Switzerland, i.e. in the Cantons of Grisons and Valais
Start and end point: Wädenswil near Zurich (easily reachable by metro from Zurich Airport and Zurich main station in about 1/2 hour)
Approx. costs: Not yet clear (we try to find an affordable solution, but Switzerland is an expensive country)
IAVS travel grants: not available; all available funds are assigned to the 13th Field Workshop
More information: Braun-Blanquet (1961) and Dengler (2018)

13th EDGG Field Workshop: Grasslands of Armenia along the elevational gradient

FW2019 Armenia
FW2019 Armenia

Vayots Dzor region, vicinity of Khachik village by A.Alexanyan; Nectaroscordum tripedale, Aragats Mountain by A.Alexanyan

Approx. dates: 26 June –7 July 2019
Main organiser: Alla Alexanyan,
Number of participants: up to 20 (exceptionally up to 30) persons in total, including four organisers, i.e. up to 16 other vascular plant botanists and up to 8 specialists for other taxa.
Thematic scope: All types of mesic, dry and rocky grasslands that occur in the country along the full elevational gradient (850-3000 m a.s.l.)
Start and end point: Yerevan
Approx. costs: 850 € (postdoc/professor, non IAVS member), 750 € (postdoc/professor & IAVS member OR student/PhD student & non IAVS member), 650 € (student/PhD student & IAVS member
IAVS travel grants: available upon application based on motivation letter & financial need
More information: Fayvush & Aleksanyan (2016) and Fayvush et al. (2016, 2017)


Braun-Blanquet, J. 1961. Die inneralpine Trockenvegetation. Fischer, Stuttgart, DE.

Dengler, J. 2018. The beauty of xerothermic vegetation complexes in Ausserberg (Rhone valley, Switzerland). Palaearctic Grasslands 38: 34–38.

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Fayvush, G.M., Aleksanyan, A. & Bussmann, R.W. 2017. Ethnobotany of the Caucasus – Armenia. In: Bussmann, R.W. (ed.) Ethnobotany of the Caucasus, pp. 21-36. Springer, Basel, CH.