Preliminary program

We intend to cover any aspect of research and conservation in Asian natural and semi-natural grasslands. Below you can find a preliminary session list with short explanations. Presentations on other subjects of grassland research are also welcome.

  1. Biodiversity of grasslands: patterns and drivers of a wide range of biodiversity facets
  2. Ecology and taxonomy of plant and fungi species in grasslands: studies with a focus on individual species
  3. Ecology and taxonomy of grassland vertebrate species: studies with a focus on individual species, including wildlife management
  4. Ecology and taxonomy of grassland invertebrate species: studies with a focus on individual species
  5. Grassland ecosystems under global change, including climate change, land use change, habitat destruction, biotic invasions and eutrophication
  6. Functional ecology of grasslands
  7. Grassland conservation, management and restoration
  8. Vegetation and habitat classification of grasslands, at any level and with any approach
  9. Remote sensing, mapping and modelling of grasslands
  10. Livelihoods and sustainability of pastoral communities, including payment schemes for conservation

Full details on the sessions will be provided in the Second Call.

Preliminary programme

Pseudosteppes in Kazakhstan, A. Nowak
Desert steppe in Kazakhstan, I. Smelansky
Meadows in Japan, A. Ushimaru

Photos by J. Dolezal, I. Smelansky and A. Ushimaru